Playing paparazzi with the sparrows in my garden

Having to nurse a really bad flu in the middle of summer (well, technically still spring, but already very hot…) kept me in my garden, relaxing under the cherry tree, breathing in an out to expand my pulmonary volume. Perfect spot to discover the wild life of a less than 100 square meters urban garden.


The paparazzi spot

The most intriguing characters were a family of sparrows who decided to build a nest under our terrace shade.

After trying to spot them with the binoculars or with my phone, dangerously climbing a carpenter ladder we used the other day to harvest the cherries, I suddenly remembered I have a camera! With a powerful lens! So I sat comfortably on the garden chair and started to keep watch over the nest, like a paparazzi waiting for the divas to come out of the nest (or to go inside).

So here they came, mummy and daddy sparrow, each with some insect or some other baby-sparrow food in their beak.

And then off they flew from the nest, in search for more food! The camera did not capture the noise from the baby sparrows once they got food into their little beaks, but it was one step up on the decibel scale for sure!

In the pine tree, or down on the grass, or near the little saucer I brought to them, with a bit of corn  to feed them, the sparrows were searching for food incessantly. Each excursion would last for about 2-3 minutes, and then one minute to feed the little beasts. They were not tired at all!

At some point I got tired of keeping watch and turned my lens to other creatures of the garden – a little honey-bee working hard on the clover flowers.

And then to clear my eyes, onto the roses!

Didn’t see the time flying and feeling much better already!

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