Of wilderness in the Jura: creeks, logs, bridges and waterfalls

This is a very short entry. On a late Sunday morning we wanted to take the dog to the snow. Hundreds of eager skiers also wanted the snow, which made it impossible to park at the telecabine in Crozet. So off we drove on the mountain road, until we found a small wild entry into the forest. Parked the car off-road and entered the wilderness.

It turned out to be a really nice walk in the forest. We found the vestiges of an old water-mill …..

… and a well-hidden place for wild picnic in the forest, peaceful and quite…


The rest of the walk was a collection of small waterfalls and boulders….


small wooden bridges …

and various logs across the creek of Allandon…

Unplanned trails like this are the best – the sound of wilderness and of waterfalls is best therapy to clear your mind!!! A refaire vite!



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