A morning stroll in Washington DC

This post is from the latest business trip more than a month ago, but only now found the time to write about it. Only posting to keep up the habit and the discipline of feeding the blog.


One morning in late September in Washington DC, squeezing some time off a busy schedule, I head off from 23rd Street NW towards Lincoln Memorial. First encounter was with the ubiquitous squirrels of DC, running around the greens and crunching on whatever nuts they found on the ground. Unlike the Swiss squirrels, these are grey and smaller, but equally joyful and playful.


Lincoln Memorial was not very busy on a weekday morning, apart from the planes streaking the blue skies.

So I could experiment with shots of the Washington monument from various perspectives. A slighly covered sky but no wind allowed for a nice mirror effect.

Along the National Mall, off I go towards the World War II Memorial, getting closer to the “big spike”. Little ducks slowly waking up to the beautiful day ahead.

Workers clean up and maintain the World War II Memorial.

From the Washington Monument, closed for renovations until further notice, one look back to the Lincoln Memorial – humbling.

Crossing then 15th Street, and heading up towards the White House, passing by the recently opened National Museum of African-American History and Culture – interesting architecture and despite the dark brown colour, there was smoothness and harmony for the sight.

White House looked smaller than the last time I saw it, couple of years back.

After another experimental shot of the “big spike”, back to the hotel, passing by the Corcoran School of Arts and design, the Octagon Museum and a few other landmarks of East Street.

The biggest shock though were the tents of homeless people on East Street – these were not there 2 years ago when I last visited, nor even 6 months ago as colleagues in DC told me afterwards. Not a good sign for the American society.

On the way to the airport the following day, another clear sky and beautiful autumn day along the Potomoac River. Till next time, stay cool DC.


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